Playtech fishing

Playtech Fishing: Cash Fish is introduced by PlayTech Slot, a popular and simple fishing games among the online casino players. With Cash Fish, you can explore exclusive treasure in the deep ocean. There are 3 different powerful guns available for you to catch different species of marine creatures in the mysterious ocean. Depending on your game modes, you will have access to different fire power of the gun. Bets between 1-9 coins unlocked 1 gun, bets between 10-90 coins unlocked 2 guns while bets between 100-1000 coins give you the most powerful fire mode which is 3 guns.

Big fishing games are so popular because of its fun and attractive features such as multiplier feature and bomb feature. The multiplier feature boost up your winning while the bomb feature easier your game. When you kill fishes inside the bubbles, you get to trigger the multiplier feature randomly which can multiple up your winning! Bomb that is explodes will help you to wipe up all at once the creatures on the screen except the dragon. Don’t worry even if there is no fish when you trigger the bomb because you will still get to win prize of x5. Beware of the Golden Dragon, it might be your biggest winning in this game that can pays up to 888 coins! Utilize the features and you are close to huge winning.

Tips for you: Fishes in special formations are easier to catch!

This Fishing Session is going to be the great harvest ever! One shot and you are one step nearer to the hidden treasure.