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This is the first of GG Fishing’s water themed games. In this game your target is to shoot fish. From each successful shooting you obtain coins and points. The game offers many options which keeps the game interesting.

Firstly you can pick from a variety of guns. Secondly you’ll find an array of fish swimming past your gun. You can pick which fish to focus on and depending on its value you’ll receive points. It takes much more than one shot to destroy a large shark, so if you do decide on shooting it you’re missing out on targeting the smaller fish coming by. This is the gamble you take and depending on whether you kill the large ones before they disappear off screen, you may be rewarded for the chance you take.

The graphics of this game is truly astounding. The beautiful reef the designers created offers a serene space to escape to for a while. Helping players escape the rigors of daily life is what slots games and online gaming is all about. With Fishing World GG gaming succeeds in creating a serene place to escape to where you can use up all your negative energy and win lots of coins.

Look out for the treasure chests that float by. They offer substantial amounts of coins which will quickly increase your winnings. The skill you need to acquire is to recognize the most valuable fish and improve your aim so you hit your targets before they disappear.